Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Shannon Masjedi – A Talented Business Professional and Real Estate Professional

Shannon Masjedi is the vice president of the innovative product called SnoBar. The cocktails available at SnoBar include a complete line of alcohol-infused ice pops and ice creams. With a unique line of SnoBar products providing customers with an opportunity to enjoy to the fullest. This modern twist is considered as a must-serve frozen cocktail and was created on a special request from her. This special ice pop is made with premium vodka, triple sec, and cranberry. Some of the exhilarating ice-cream flavors available here include Pink Squirrel Ice Cream, Grasshopper, and a lot more. A sweet alcohol infused ice cream, Pink Squirrel is a perfect complement to any dessert. 

The alcohol infused desserts at SnoBar are sure to please the most sophisticated people. Each of the alcohol-infused ice pops and ice creams available here is made with natural ingredients and premium alcohol with a frozen cocktail in each serving. The amazing response received from customers has encouraged her and her team to expand their areas of operation. Since this dessert contains alcohol content, hence it is sold to customers above the age of 21. The distinctiveness of SnoBar products has given it an edge over its competitors. 

Apart from this, for many years Shannon Masjedi has been working in the real estate sector. She has gained special expertise in closing compound real estate deals. Other than this, Shannon Masjedi is also the holder of the real estate license in Arizona and California. Shannon knows it well that the real estate industry is dynamic and requires constant changes, thus she provides her clients with high quality and effective services to help them in cracking complex deals. Shannon Masjedi has the ability to multi-task and gets used to various situations to assist clients in reaching their goals. 

The Victory of Shannon Masjedi

A talented women, Shannon Masjedi is the senior vice president and co-creator of the innovative ice cream parlor SnoBar. The mixture here includes a complete line of alcohol-infused ice creams and ice pops. Apart from this, she has also been engaged in the real estate sector for the past many years and has gained special expertise in successfully closing complicated real estate deals. Shannon Masjedi is a skilled businessperson who has the ability to multi-task and becomes accustomed to all kinds of situations. Shannon accepts all challenges that come on her way with a smile and works hard to achieve them. She is the holder of real estate license in Arizona and California and understands the real estate sector in an active way. Shannon is always ready to provide her clients with high quality and efficient services in order to help them crack the best deals. 

One night Shannon Masjedi demanded her husband to create a unique dessert for her. In order to please Shannon, her husband added an amount of alcohol content in an ice cream mixture. What came out as a result was the innovative product SnoBar.  These alcohol-infused ice creams are sure to please the most sophisticated palate. Each of this delicious alcohol infused ice creams are made with premium alcohol.
The amazing response received from her audience is what has encouraged Shannon Masjedi and her team to expand their business and take it a step ahead. These desserts are specifically sold to customers above the age of 21 as they contain alcohol. This unique creation of Shannon along with her husband is what has given it an edge and has made it as one of the favorite among customers. In addition, this innovative creation has been the reason for their success. 

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Masjedi Shannon and her Passion to Travel

Masjedi Shannon is the creator of the innovative product SnoBar. The cocktails available here include a wide variety of alcohol-infused ice pops and ice creams. The modern drink created with the combined efforts of Shannon along with her husband is considered as a must serve the frozen cocktail. This modern drink is made up from a mixture of premium vodka, triple sec, and cranberry. A few exciting flavors available as an option are Grasshopper ice Cream, Pink Squirrel, and a few others. Pink Squirrel has become the most popular dessert and is a perfect complement to any other dessert. 

SnoBar’s  alcohol infused ice candies please the most sophisticated audience. Each of this unique dish is made up with natural ingredients and premium alcohol. Masjedi Shannon has received an amazing response from her customers that has motivated her as well her team to be strong and expand up their business areas. The products offered at SnoBar are mostly offered to customers above the age of 21 as it contains alcohol content. The distinctiveness of products available at SnoBar has given it an edge over its competitors.

In addition to this, Masjedi Shannon is a passionate traveler and has traveled to various places across the world including Turkey, Singapore, Spain and more. During her trips, Shannon meets with a number of people belonging to different cultures and traditions. Her interactions with different people help her to gain a great amount of knowledge regarding different cultures, which in return helped Masjedi Shannon to serve her customers in a much better way. 

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Masjedi Shannon and her Way to accomplishment

In today's aggressive world, ladies are believed to be in level to men. There is nothing that is impractical to accomplish. There are numerous ladies who demonstrate that they are to a great degree strong, in both personality and in addition body and they can do everything that their partner can. Masjedi Shannon is one such youthful and enthusiastic lady who is no not as much as her better half and shows out her abilities to the world. Her diligent work and commitment are the reason that has taken her to the top onto the stepping stool of accomplishment. Regardless of the hindrances that surfaced on her way, Masjedi Shannon could ready to hit out all and accomplish magnificent outcomes. This demonstrates in the event that one has the devotion and ability then significantly sexual orientation talks it for you. 

Masjedi Shannon began just like whatever other standard individual, yet with aggregate quality and assurance, she effortlessly achieved the top. Today, she is popular as a land specialist in Arizona and California. With years of experience, Masjedi Shannon is presently ready to split enormous and muddled arrangements. 

All things considered, her genuine achievement concocted the frozen yogurt parlor named Snobar that gets ready liquor implanted desserts. This parlor was a win with the joined endeavors of Shannon and her significant other Edmond. With months of diligent work and testing, this frigid treat appeared on the scene and is appreciated even today.

Masjedi Shannon – A gleaming Businessperson

A brilliant businessman, Masjedi Shannon has come to the highest point of the achievement step with the assistance of her exceptional abilities. She is outstanding as the bad habit present and co-maker of the imaginative item SnoBar. One night, Shannon requested her significant other to make something novel that gave everybody waiting joy. So with a specific end goal to get ready something unique, they included some measure of liquor substance to a blend of ice pops and frozen yogurts. What turned out thus was very entrancing and filled everybody with incredible pleasure. This was a state of accomplishment in her and her better half's life. 

Aside from this, Masjedi Shannon apparently is an enthusiastic explorer who has made a trip over the globe to different places, for example, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Costa Rica, Singapore, and Turkey. Her voyages had helped her to get incredible information about the different spots, their societies, and the general population living in it. This helped her to know significantly more about individuals. For a long time, Masjedi Shannon has been working in the land space. With a considerable measure of commitment and endeavors, she has picked up capability in settling complex land negotiations in an exceptionally advantageous way. She invests each push to comprehend the necessities and prerequisites of her customers and give most extreme fulfillment to her clients. Masjedi has been the land permit holder in Arizona and California. Masjedi Shannon apparently is a gifted individual and can adjust to various circumstances and help her customers to give them a chance to connect with their focused on objectives effortlessly.

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